Stainless Steel Tip Tank

All of our tanks are solid stainless steel construction and come with poly ethylene bushings for smooth and easy operation.  The tanks feature easy valve access, and simple single hand operation.  The handle also serves as locking device so tank won't tip on it's own.

Tip Tank Literature


Stock Sizes Available & Tank Capacities (full w/ 10" water):

  • 4’ L          38 Gallons
  • 6’ L          57 Gallons
  • 8’ L          76 Gallons
  • 10’ L        95 Gallons
  • 12’ L        114 Gallons
  • 14’ L        133 Gallons


Custom tanks are available to suit any need.

All 12’ & 14’ tanks include 2 center support braces making them one of the strongest tanks on the market.


To install an anti-freeze valve, you need to unscrew the valve and put the antifreeze between.

To install the heater kit you must get a lid designed for the heater kit.


Installation Instructions:

Step 1

Slide one shaft collar over the hinge pipe and slide in until it touches the tanks. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 2

Slide the leg unto the hinge pipe. Make sure you have the leg turned the right way to accept the latch mec. Repeat on the opposite side. Then slide the remaining shaft collars into place.

Step 3

Mount the latch into place using the ½ x 2 ½ ss bolts. (Do not tighten)

Step 4

Insert the latch rod into tank and bolt the chain thru the appropriate hole in tank.

Step 5

Place tank in desired location and drill holes using concrete bit. Tighten tap cons and level tank. When tank is level, tighten the latch bolts.

Step 6

Place lid on tank with the fill hole facing the wall. Bolt in place using the 5/16 x 1 ss bolts

Step 7

Open lid and install the valve. Then thread one barb fitting into the threads at the rear of the lid. Hook to water supply and fill tank.


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