Quardra Bend

The Quadra Bend style is a stall option designed to give the cow more hip room in sand bedded or narrow stalls.

Stall Specifications:

  • 2.375" diameter high strength Gatorshield® or Thundercoat™ galvanized tubing
  • 10 gauge wall thickness
  • Horizontal holes punched in stalls for mounting
  • Bent with precision technology for a consistent & accurate stall
  • 10” center line radius bends (most stalls are standard 10” radius)

The Quadra Bend stall design:

This stall design works when you need a 32” or 36” front, but also need the rear loop lower to keep the cows laying straight. It can be made in different lengths but must have a 32” or a 36” center to center opening on the front.  This stall can also adapt to the various mounting options offered. The mount style can be determined using several key factors such as abed length, type of bedding, and size of cows. Contact us to get specifications on which mounting option will work best for your application.

When ordering Quad style freestalls, you want to go 8” - 12” less than the length of the bed. For bed lengths, refer to the chart below.

Weight (lbs) Bed Length
700 - 900 69” - 75”
900 - 1100 75” - 84”
1100 - 1300 84” - 90”
1300 - 1600 90” - 96”


This stall is not recommended for calves or small heifers.


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