Freestall Mounting/Clamping Options

We offer different mounting and clamping options to fit a variety of designs.  See the difference our heavy-duty hardware makes in longevity and required maintenance.

Pipe and Tubing Conversion

Note: Tubing can be different thickness, however, the O.D. is always the same.

Also, pipe is measured on the inside and tubing is measured on the outside.

Pipe Tubing
1 ¼” = 1.660
1 ½” = 1.900
2” = 2.375
2 ½” = 2.875
3” = 3.500
3 ½” = 4.000
4” = 4.500


U-Bolt Cross Clamp


Our U-Bolt Cross Clamp is one of the easiest and fastest ways to install neck rail.  It's the most secure way to hold down neck rail so it won't crush or loosen.

We offer the following sizes:

1 ¼” x 1 ½”

1 ¼” x 2”

1 ½” x 1 ½”

1 ½” x 2”

2” x 2”

See Example

1.900 Neck Rail



1.900 Neck Rail has a swaged end for fast easy installation. We use 12 gauge galvanized tube standard.

Sold by the length

24’ Standard Length

Neck Rail Riser Brackets


Neck Rail Riser Brackets are used when you have stalls that are mounted too low for your cows. This bracket will enable you to raise your neck rail economically.

You can use your exciting neck rail clamps or purchase new clamps.

See Example

Neck Rail Wall Brackets


Neck Rail Wall Brackets are a secure way to keep neck rail in place when ending at a wall.  With multiple drill points the brackets is easily adjustable.

See Example

HDPE Brisket Pipe


Our HDPE Brisket Pipe System is a safe alternative to boards as a brisket locator.  Allow your cows a comfortable way to position themselves in their stalls.

See Example

Universal Mount Bracket


Our Universal Mount Bracket can be mounted to wood planking or common mount rail such as 4” or 3” channel. We also offer U Bolts to clamp to the channel (sold separately), or you can mount stalls head to head by using bolts.

See Example

Weld on U Mount for Freestall


Our Weld on U Mount for Freestall is made for ease of installation and can, in some scenarios, allow more weld surface.

See Example

Adjustable U Mount Brackets


Our Adjustable U Mounts feature a U Mount Bracket for adjustable installation. There is optional hardware to clamp to  4” channel or a base plate to bolt to wood or steel beams.  They are also designed to clamp stalls head to head by using bolts (sold separately).

See Example

Weld on Nipple for Freestall


Our Weld on Nipple for Freestall is the original mount for stalls. Made to weld in place allowing you to bolt your stalls in. Can be a very competitive mount option.

See Example

Dual Rail Adjustable Mount


Our Dual Rail mount system is designed to quickly adjust the stall height and width.

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Vertical Half Clamp Nipple Mounts


Our Vertical Half Clamp Nipple Mounts available for:

2 ½” Pipe

3” Pipe

See Example

Horizontal Half Clamp Nipple Mount


Our Horizontal Half Clamp Nipple Mount available for:

2 ½” Pipe

3” Pipe

See Example

Long Wood Mount Bracket


Our Long Wood Mount Bracket is primarily used when your mounting to a set of 2"x8" or 10" lumber or when you need to tie the top rail to the bottom. Can also be used if you need only two bolts instead of four.

See Example

TCM Mount


Mounts on 4” channel with U Bolts. Mounts to wood posts with lags.

Stand Post Mount


Mounts in concrete. Can be used in either double or single rows available in hot dipped galvanized or plated galvanized.

Note: All Hardware sold separately

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