Mega Bend

The most popular style stall on the market. The Mega Bend offers comfort and durability for your larger cows. She'll love laying in her Mega Bend stall!

Stall Specifications:

  • 2.375" diameter high strength Gatorshield® or Thundercoat™ galvanized tubing
  • 10 gauge wall thickness
  • Horizontal holes punched in stalls for mounting
  • Bent with precision technology for a consistent & accurate stall
  • 8” or 10” center line radius bends (most stalls are standard 10” radius)

We also offer this stall using 1.900" diameter tubing for calves or small heifers.

How to determine what size stall to use:

To determine the stall opening (measurement A), it is based in the size of animal that will be using the stall.  For cows 900 lbs & up a 32" opening (or larger) is recommended. The length of the bottom bar (measurement B) is standard and generally not needed unless it is for a custom stall.  To calculate the stall loop length (measurement C) needed, measure the distance from the mounting surface to the end of the bed, then subtract approx 12 inches.  Example: an 84" bed will need about a 6 foot long loop.  (See example below)

When ordering stalls, you need the following:

  • 1 = stall loop
  • 1 = set of neck rail clamps
  • 1 = set of mounting brackets
  • Bolts for clamps
  • Mounting bolts for loop
  • Neck rail (remember to figure for the last stall in each row)


Call us today for help with your next project! Our experienced staff will work with you to determine sizing, spacing and offer recommendations.

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