Mat Systems

The Huber Mat System is designed with cow comfort in mind.  The design includes an ultra-strong rubber top cover and latex foam bottom layer providing the perfect combination of comfort and durability resulting in healthier cows.

The Huber Mat System has many features:

  • Strength and durability
  • Comfort
  • Water resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable



The rubber top cover as part of this system is 6X stronger than other mats on the market.  This is due its high tensile strength.  This is important for durability and stability of the system.  With decreased elastically, the rubber top cover maintains its shape which increases its overall life. Who doesn't want that!

Installation is easy:

Step 1.

Unroll the included plastic cover half on the bed, half in the alley.

Step 2.

Place the latex foam mat on top of the plastic on the cow bed 3 inches from the curb.

Step 3.

Flip the plastic in the alley over the latex foam mat

Step 4.

Unroll the rubber top cover over the plastic encased latex foam mats.  The rubber will exceed the width of the latex foam on both sides to allow for fastening. Top cover should remain unrolled for at least 24 hours before fastening.

Step 5.

Drill holes through the rubber and concrete every 10 inches on both sides of the cover at 2 inches distance from the edges.