Dual Rail Suspension System

Our Dual Rail Suspension System is built for two things, cow comfort and to last a long time.  It has become the most popular system we sell and farmers are seeing the advantages.

Reasons for choosing a Dual Rail Suspension System:

  • Cow comfort.  Open system provides plenty of lunge space
  • Dual rail keeps stalls in place for a durable, maintenance free system
  • With more farms using sand and manure solids bedding a suspended system keeps equipment out of the bedding so there is less corrosion.
  • No welding or concrete work required.  Makes for easy of installation and easy adjustment if beds change down the road
  • Mounts to wooden or steel posts
System Literature

Consistency & strength you can see from stall to stall.

Take a look at the components that make up our suspended system:

1. Our uniquely designed vertical square suspension tube with TCM sockets increases surface contact for additional strength.  They're made from galvanized steel and the slotted TCM sockets keep moisture from collecting and make installing each loop much easier.

  • Made with 1/4" hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Box tube design allows for unparalleled strength and longevity, and 7/16" bolts secure stalls in TCM brackets

FS-6          FS-7         FS-8

2. The Vertical tube Clamp Kit attaches the suspended tubes to the 2"x3" dual rail.

  • Made with hot dipped galvanized 1/4" thick premium quality steel
  • Comes with 1/2" heavy duty U-bolts
  • Slotted center holes for easy installation

3. The Dual Rail is comprised of 2" x 3" x 3/16” hot dipped galvanized square tube with swaged ends.

  • Swaged and bolt design allows for easy and quick installation.



4. Post clamps for both wood or steel posts attach the dual rail to the post.

  • Heavy duty ¼” thick premium quality steel with heavy duty ½” U-bolts
  • Wide mounting hole pattern design allows for greater durability when stalls flex
  • Options for mounting to either wood 6x6 or 4” schedule 40 steel post


4. U-Bolt Post clamps attaches the neck rail to the freestall.

  • Made with heavy duty ¼” thick premium quality steel
  • The heavy 7/16” U-bolts have wide head lock nuts which reduces egging the clamp holes which can cause loosening
  • The best functioning, most cost effective neck rail clamp on the market

3K00143 1.9-2.375 Ubolt Cross Clamp Kit



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