Dual Comfort Stall

The Dual Comfort Stall allows for flexibility to easily adjust stalls to accommodate different sized animals if necessary.  

Stall Specifications:

  • 2.375 outside diameter high strength galvanized tubing
  • 10 gauge wall thickness
  • Horizontal holes punched in stalls for mounting
  • Bent with precision bending technology, for a constant & accurate stall
  • 8” center line radius bends (most stalls are standard 10” radius)

The Dual Comfort tall has several unique features:

  • Lower rear loop that allows cows to lay straighter in the stall
  • Stall shape allows for adjustable neck rail mounting options for both larger and smaller cows
  • Stall is higher in front of neck rail allowing for more lunge room
  • Stall is lower being the neck rail which helps discourage cows from traversing


We recommend brisket boards, for small cows.

When should I use a Dual Comfort stall?

  • Ideal for renovations where the stall beds are extra short
  • Stall is great when you are planning to convert the barn to a different cow size later on


Our Dual Comfort cow stalls are designed for use with animals from 750 lbs up to 1600 lbs. To accommodate different size animals you can adjust the neck rail simply by loosening the cross clamp, moving the rail to the desired spot, and re-tightening the bolts.

Our Dual Comfort calf stalls are designed for usage with animals from 300 lbs. up to 900 lbs. The neck rail can be adjusted up or down to accommodate different size animals.

Note: If you go from 750 – 1600, or from 300 – 900 you will also need to adjust the stall spacing, however, for small adjustments this is not necessary.

Weight (lbs)Height of Neck RailStall Size
300 – 400  28” – 32”  Calf Stall 
400 – 700 32” – 37” Calf Stall
700 – 900 37” – 39” Cow Stall
900 - 1100 39” – 42”   Cow Stall 
1100 - 1300  42” – 44”   Cow Stall
1300 - 1600 44” – 48” Calf Stall


Suggested measurements are for estimation purposes only. Make sure you verify all measurements with a technician.

Specifications for Dual Comfort stalls only. Different style loops may require different specifications.

The Dual Comfort cow stall and the Dual Comfort calf stall are synchronized so that in a heifer barn you can run on continuous rail on the bottom, and on the top you can step the rail just once. (see above print) This makes mounting stalls much easier and faster.


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