Quick Release Lockup

Our Quick Release lockups are the heaviest on the market.  If you're looking for a lockup that's easy to use and is going to last, this is the right choice for you.  The quick-release feature allows for single hand operation, and the individual lock is standard now on all cow and heifer sizes.  You won't find a better built, easier to use lockup!

Lockup Literature


Why Seneca Lockups are the Right Choice:

  • Galvanized construction.
  • Competitively priced for a heavier lockup.
  • Come in Calf, Heifer, Cow and Dry Cow sizes.
  • All sizes can be adjustable to grow with your animals & adapt to the changing needs of your barn.
  • Heifer and Cow sizes come complete with a newly designed, easy to use, individual lock.
  • Available with wood or steel post mounting hardware.
  • Lockups are in stock and ready to ship at all times.

Lockups all have holes on each end for wood post mounting. All additional mounting hardware is extra. See mount hardware spec sheet for mounting options.

When installing posts to mount headlocks we recommend 3” – 4” between the face of the post and the edge of the curb. This enables you to keep lockups behind the edge of the curb. For mounting locks on angle, keep posts centered on the curb.


All measurements are from the floor to the bottom of the lockup. The manger is from 4" to 6" higher than the floor.