Double roll up

The double roll up curtain has become one of the most popular systems.  It allows for top, center and bottom ventilation.  These systems are built to last and require little maintenance.

What makes our curtain systems the right choice?

  • Designed and installed by professionals in the industry
  • Offered with manual or fully programmable automated controls
  • 15oz double keder frosty clear fabric
  • Heavy duty top bracket, strap ratchets, and UV resistant Dura straps
  • End pockets and drive pockets are 12ga galvanized metal
  • Reliable motors and gear boxes that are time tested
  • No cables or pulleys for easy maintenance






Double Roll Up Features:

  • Economical and easy to install
  • Kedar strip fastened for even weight distribution across the length of the barn
  • Offers both top and bottom ventilation
  • Choice of manual or automated operation
  • Perfect for multi-season climates



Top fastener bracket for dura strap





Heavy duty 2” dura strap ratchet





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