Seneca's freestalls are some of the best on the market, known for their strength and durability. A stall loop isn't just a stall loop.  Made from true 10 gauge galvanized steel our freestall loop, coupled with the right mounting option, creates the best system for cow comfort.

Freestall Systems Literature


  • Dual Comfort Stall

    Dual Comfort Stall

    The Dual Comfort Stall allows for flexibility to easily adjust stalls to accommodate different sized animals if necessary.   Stall…


  • Dual Rail Suspension System

    Dual Rail Suspension System

    Our Dual Rail Suspension System is built for two things, cow comfort and to last a long time.  It has…


  • Freestall Mounting/Clamping Options

    Freestall Mounting/Clamping Options

    We offer different mounting and clamping options to fit a variety of designs.  See the difference our heavy-duty hardware makes…


  • Mega Bend

    Mega Bend

    The most popular style stall on the market. The Mega Bend offers comfort and durability for your larger cows. She'll…


  • Quardra Bend

    Quardra Bend

    The Quadra Bend style is a stall option designed to give the cow more hip room in sand bedded or…